Two-Way Dual Language Program (Magnet)

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What is Two-Way Dual Language?

Hunter's Creek Elementary Two-Way Dual Language Program takes advantage of the culturally and linguistically diverse population in our community. Instead of separating students according to their primary language, they are placed together to learn from one another about their language and culture. Many different studies show that the best way to learn a second language is to use the new language in real-life, everyday situations. Our goal is to produce bilingual, bi-literate students who will have an academic, social, and economic advantage in our multicultural world.

Program Goals

  Goal 1
To create a classroom environment that promotes linguistic and cultural equality and fosters positive attitudes toward others. 
 Goal 2
To develop interpersonal, academic content, and linguistic competence in English and Spanish.
 Goal 3
To develop and use higher-level cognitive skills in English and Spanish. 
 Goal 4
To become bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural global citizens. 

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Meet Our Teachers


 TWDL English
Ms. Vera
 TWDL Spanish
Sra. Acosta
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 Picture of Ms. Acosta

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