Who to Contact

  •  Who to Contact at HCES?
  • Questions about your ESE student or an ESE program?
    Ms. Ana Useche, CCT/Staffing 
    407-858-4610 ext 342-2234
  • Questions about your ESOL student, or an ESOL program?
    Ms. Ana Useche, CCT/Staffing
  • 407-858-4610 ext 342-2234 
    Questions about the Two-Way Dual Language Program (DLP)?
    Mrs. Lisa Rivera, DLP Coordinator/Instructional Coach
    407-858-4610 ext 342-2225
  • Questions about Testing (FSA, iReady, FCAT)?

Mrs. Ellen Patterson, Curriculum Resource Teacher
407-858-4610 ext.342-2224

Questions about the Media Center, PAW TV, or lost library books?
  • Mr. Beth Schultz (Media Clerk) 

Beth.Schultz  ext.342-2227

Lost ParentAccess for ProgressBook account information?
  • Dr. Nicole Villaverde, Assistant Principal
    407-858-4610 ext. 342-2235
  • Problems or concerns with your child's lunch account?
    Cafeteria Manager
    407-858-4610 ext. 342-2226