Fourth Grade

Meet the 4th Grade Team


Welcome to 4th grade at Hunter’s Creek Elementary School! We look forward to a year of growth, citizenship, and community!!!


Reading class is a 90-minute block. Thirty minutes are devoted to whole group reading. Students will then work in differentiated small groups for at least one hour. Skills will be targeted to your child’s needs during this time. Students enjoy working in groups through the use of textbooks, trade books, newspapers, and articles. Students also practice reading skills by using the iReady computer program.

4th-grade students are expected to read 30 minutes or more daily at home including both fiction and nonfiction books. Leisure reading promotes literacy. Parents that support reading at home will foster stronger readers.  Each student is expected to read Accelerated Reader books at his or her level each month. Upon completion of the book, students should take and pass one or more AR tests per month, as designated by the teacher.


Students will use the Go Math textbooks to support our math curriculum. Parents can go to to access textbooks and resources. The beginning of the year will be a review of third grade standards. During this time, students will be expected to solidify math facts learned in the 3rd grade. These facts are the building blocks of our 4th-grade curriculum. All students are expected to memorize and have quick recall of math facts (-, +, x, ÷) by no later than October. Students will learn a variety of skills and will work to apply these skills to real-life math, and be able to justify their thinking.


 4th grade is a year for writing!  Students will work on being able to write informative, opinion, or response to literature essays based on a given text sets.  Students will learn how to analyze and elaborate on direct evidence from the different texts.  Students also focus on combining information from each text to construct one argument. There is also a strong focus on using correct grammar and conventions. The Writing FSA is given in late February/early March.  More information about the writing expectations will be sent home throughout the year.


Our year is packed with scientific inquiries! The focus is given to the scientific method while learning about concepts in the areas of Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Space and Technology. We culminate the year with our annual Science Fair. At this time, students apply the steps of the Scientific Method to their own science inquiry. This wonderful project supports learning from all subject areas and takes place in May.

 Social Studies

Florida history is the focus for 4th grade.  Students learn about geography, map skills, history, and government pertaining to our state. We take a trip to St. Augustine and invite a Native American from a Florida Tribe to support our curriculum. Students love to see the information from the textbook come to life!  In the spring, we prepare for the Annual HCES Multicultural Fair. We study the continent of South America. Each 4th-grade class focuses on a country. This information is presented to students and parents school-wide during Multicultural Fair Day.

Organization and Grading

Please take the opportunity to monitor your child's progress. OCPS schools have acquired the Progress Book program so that you may view your child’s grades as often as you like. Parents and students are given confidential access codes. Teachers post grades weekly. 4th-grade teachers use rubrics and points to grade your child.

Students are all given planners at the beginning of the year. Students are required to write homework and important events in their planner daily. Parents should check completed homework and give support as needed. Planners should be signed daily (Monday-Friday).

Students will bring home Friday folders or envelopes with corrected papers and pamphlets. Please look through this information on Friday. This will help your child complete any missing work before school on Monday.

If any questions or concerns arise, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher. 


Ms. Karavanich - Team Leader

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Ms. Valdes - TWDL English

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Ms. Orta - TWDL Spanish

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Ms. Beazley - 3rd / 4th Multi-grade Level

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Ms. Brady

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Ms. Fonville

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