End of School Year Info.

Beginning on May 18, 2020 we have invited our HCES families to drive thru to drop off items (library books) and pick up personal items (including pre-ordered school pictures and end of year awards certificates) between 9am- 1pm on these specific dates:

Monday, May 18th- 4th Grade Distribution

9- 10 am: Berros and Brady

10- 11 am: Brown and Karavanich

11 am- 12 pm: McDaniel

12- 1 pm: Beazley and Molina

Tuesday, May 19th - 1st Grade Distribution

9- 10 am: Dubois T and Harrison

10- 11 am: Joerger and Kaminski

11 am- 12 pm: Richoux and Santiago

12- 1 pm: De la Torre and Lopez

Wednesday, May 20th - 2nd Grade Distribution

9- 10 am: DaCosta and DuBois J

10- 11 am: Freedman and Hahn

11 am- 12 pm: Perez and Verrilli

12- 1 pm: Castillo and Cruz

Thursday, May 21st - 3rd Grade Distribution

9- 10 am: Banker and Grodzienski

10- 11 am: Giddens, Gioia, and Muth

11 am- 12 pm: Prehay and Taylor

12- 1 pm:  Melendez and Rupp

Friday, May 22nd- 5th Grade Distribution

9- 10 am: Childers and Rohlf

10- 11 am: Gelabert and Love

11 am- 12 pm: Pina and Schwab

12- 1 pm: Burke and Ortiz

Tuesday, May 26th - Kindergarten Distribution

9- 10 am: Allen and Klinkerman

10- 11 am: Mamdani and Pares

11 am- 12 pm: Rafidi

12- 1 pm: Aviles and Vera

Parents, please help us to maintain safety by following these guidelines.

Before coming to school we ask that:
1) All items that will need to be dropped off (library books) should be placed in a sealed Ziploc bag, labeled with the student’s name, grade and teacher.

2) Cars should have a sign visible through the front windshield with the student’s first and last name, and teacher’s name written in BIG BOLD LETTERS.

Although we will be thrilled to see you, please do not approach any staff member or linger to speak with any other families. We ask that this be completed quickly and safely. Thank you for your cooperation!

**If you need to pick up any items from the clinic, please call the school for an appointment.

**Please call the school if you have any questions regarding registrations or withdrawals.

All Kindergarten, First and Second grade students will be receiving enrichment learning packets throughout the summer. Although they will offer great practice and we encourage students to work on them each week, these are completely optional, and do not need to be submitted back to the school or any teacher.

Students in third, fourth and fifth grade who are in need of additional instruction have been offered summer sessions. If you have any questions about this, please communicate with your child’s teacher.
OCPS Distance Learning Website:
OCPS has established a website to provide parents with a single location to find resources related to distance learning. Visit for information regarding:

  • OCPS Instructional Continuity Plan
  •  Grab n’ Go FREE meal information
  •  Mental health resources
  •  ESE resources
  •  ELL resources
  • Internet access option
  •  Device care tips
  •  Distance assistance tips for parents and student technical guides.
  •  Tips are provided in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and Portuguese).