First Grade

Meet the 1st Grade Team

Dear Families,

We would like to welcome you to first grade and thank you for choosing HCES as your school. At HCES you will find a dedicated team of first-grade teachers. We have a vast background of teaching experience and skills, which we use to meet the needs of all first-grade students. Together we plan and prepare the curriculum that will meet the needs of all students in the areas of English Language Arts (and Spanish Language Arts for our Dual Language students), Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

First grade is a crucial year for building readers and writers. Our daily schedule allows for a 90-minute reading block which includes a whole group lesson, small group guided reading with the classroom teacher, and reading center activities based on current and previously learned skills. In addition, we have time each day for whole group writing lessons in which students learn to write narratives, expository passages and passages stating their opinion. We also have an intervention block each day which allows us to focus on individual student needs, whether they are working at, above or below grade level.

Students will learn many new math concepts this year. We have 60 minutes of math each day. During that time, students are involved in a whole group lesson as well as small group guided math with the teacher, and center activities. Our math homework is designed to help students practice skills being currently taught and to review previously taught skills.

Students will also be engaged in Science and Social Studies activities throughout the week. Students will take part in science lessons and hands-on experiments/STEM activities throughout the year.

Communication between the family and teacher is vital as we are a team working to best educate your child. Should you need to contact your child's teacher, the preferred method is via email. You can email teachers with questions, concerns, or schedule a conference. Although we try to respond to all emails quickly, please allow your child's teacher 48 hours to respond. Since we do not access our email during the day or may not be on campus, please DO NOT send emails regarding absences or changes in dismissal. Please send a hard-copy of these notes to school with your child or call the front office.

Again, we thank you for choosing HCES. We look forward to working with you and your child as we lead our students to success.


Your First Grade Teachers

Please see our "Curriculum at a Glance" tab for detailed information on:

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  • What students will master by the end of first grade in all subject areas
  • First grade Parent Guides by Subject
  • How to build reading skills at home
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  • OCPS's Sight Word List (Pre-K thru Grade 2)
  • First-grade standards-all subjects

Ms. Holberg - Team Leader - TWDL English

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Ms. De La Torre - TWDL Spanish

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Ms. Pina

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Mr. Hahn

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Ms. Mercado

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Ms. DuBois

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Ms. Labib

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1st Grade Supply List

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